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The collection of the National Museum of World Cultures, of which the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam is now a part, will shortly display its collection as 1 large online collection display. Until then, this site shows the Tropenmuseum collection. The collection in Amsterdam contains almost 175,000 objects and ca. 485,000 historical images. Only a small part is on display in the museum galleries. This website enables you to browse a growing part of the collection that is kept in the storage rooms as well. For this presentation, the collection has been subdivided in objects and photographic collections, and has been linked to constituents, exhibitions, expeditions and themes.

See for the other collections of the NMW the websites of Afrika Museum and Museum Volkenkunde.

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For museum professionals, the website can be consulted via the professional site, for which a password is required.

See also the Tradebeads from the Sick collection and the Papua-page where you can see highlights from the objects and photographic collection in high resolution.

A more elaborate history of this collection is published in a series of collection books, now available at LM Publishers.


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